Connecting With Angels Part 3

You have now increased the white light in your aura and have successfully entered a state of deep relaxation – ready to connect with your Holy Guardian Angel. Now is the time to recite a mantra in Hebrew, the language of which most of the Angelic names you are familiar with is from.

This is the mantra:  HAL-LEE-LU-YAH RU-AK HA-KA-DOSH YA SHAY-KHEE-NAH, Praise The Most High Emphatically, Holy Spirit, O Divine Presence. Recite this mantra 108 times. Upon completion of this mantra, continue to breathe consciously, relaxing in a state of meditation for 15 minutes. In a receptive mode just be open to any messages you receive from your Holy Guardian Angel.

If you experience obstacles during this process, perhaps you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. If you participate too much in the following; television, video games, pornography, acidic diet, bad company and self doubt you need to make appropriate changes for your betterment. You must be open to feeling deserving of receiving revelations, instead of depending on other sentient beings. All humans have potential to be Buddhas and to obtain enlightenment NOW! With the amount of dark matter present in our dimension we have an open opportunity to tap into our DNA, which is the information that possesses our spiritual gifts, past lives and ancestors. Do whatever is necessary for you to obtain the clarity you need to know your truth. The time for others teaching us from their opinion void of our self awareness is coming to an end. We must stop procrastinating and take responsibility for our destiny.