How We Do Angelic Healing

Angelic healing is done by remaining transparent and allowing the healing to channel through. This is a natural process due to our  connection with the angelic realm. Often the angels appear in the session. Mostly Archangel Raphael appears due to the fact that he is the angel of healing. Of course the other angels know about healing too. The angels often have messages for people also. This could be a specific dietary or herbal protocol. This healing does not have to be done with physical contact or with us present in the vicinity of the client, this healing modality was developed through interaction with the angelic realm. For us with frequent contact with angels, it just seemed appropriate to utilize the help of the angels.

Angels are very willing to assist us in our daily lives. It is just vitally important for us to change our attitude about angels and realize they are always present and at our call. When you follow some of the instructions on this website, you will hopefully start to make contact with the angelic realm.

When you are truly on the path of ascension, the angels will be constantly working on you for the benefit of your purification. You may feel burning on or in your body. You may feel the chakras being activated. You may often feel light in the head and sometimes find yourself needing to ground yourself. This you may do by wearing a grounding crystal like hematite or by eating food as well. To enter the realm of the spiritual living, you must  pray, meditate, recite mantras, gaze at sacred geometry, feed and clothe the poor or read scripture of choice. As long as your spiritual practice is righteous it does not matter the religion. The angels are not concerned about that. In fact, Yahoshua, The Messiah, does not care as long as you are not worshiping the devil and as long as you are not stuck in a declining spiral. He actually is quite approachable,  humorous even,  and open to dealing with those who have activated their God particle.

 In order for you to ascend you must get in touch with your DNA reality. The DNA is information about who you are in origin and all past experiences. This also includes your spirit guides and whether you are a starseed, indigo child, messiah seed, galactic human or angelic human. When this information is divulged you are able to navigate the spiritual paths that suit your makeup. There are many ways to do things, and you need to find the way that works for you. Some people have an affinity for many spiritual paths and are in touch with these experiences from their past lives. What must happen is that you must find the highest octave of yourself, and that can be the pivotal point for your ascension.

Our healing sessions are done by chi emission, magnetic therapy, kundalini activation, ascension acceleration, aromatherapy and Pain Relief NOW! The healing sessions are lead by Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael. Having a series of these healing sessions can help one to acknowledge their gifts of the spirit, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or precognition. Often people who are  clairvoyant will see colors or beings during the session, this happens often. Most of the time people are able to at least feel the energy, pain relief or deep relaxation. This session can be done in a seated, lying, or standing posture. Also chi-kung lessons have been taught by me at Temple University’s PASCEP program for 8 years now. Chi-kung  can be superlative in helping one in increasing their knowledge of energy intelligence. Chi-kung can also increase the size of ones energy field and activate the chakras as well. It  helps eliminate stress, strengthens the body and relaxes it. Breath control is a big part of chi-kung, and you are not doing chi-kung unless you are a conscious breather.