About Archangel Raphael

images (28)Archangel Raphael is one of the most jubilant angels you can communicate with. He is quite beautiful to behold and doesn’t mind showing his bronze tone and curly locks to us from time to time.  He is eager to help in the areas of healing, whether it be herbal or hands on healing. He is  the one responsible for prolonging the time of healing, because sometimes after a treatment the patient may still feel the healing energy days after. When doing therapeutic touch or reiki healing as well as many other healing modalities, you can request Archangel Raphael’s help during treatment and for him to continue to send his healing rays of light to the patient.

Archangel Raphael’s name means Healer of El. Archangel Raphael knows everything about healing and is also adept in the area of music which is a superlative healing modality when used properly. Many people who are herbalists, doctors and healers are being guided and influenced by Archangel Raphael without realizing it. Angels are constantly active in our day to day lives. We need to increase our sensitivity so we will become aware of them. They are involved throughout creation and are God’s servants that keep the stars from falling from the sky… so to speak.

Archangel Raphael is considered to be the Archangel of the Sun, and when he shows himself to us his countenance is like the Sun. The Sun is the healing force of our planet as well as being responsible for the growth of plant life. Can you imagine us being without daily sunlight? We would be depressed and this is why many people suffer with depression, due to less sunlight in the fall and winter seasons. Archangel Raphael comes to bring us great joy through solubrious health. If you take a herbal walk in a park it is a excellent opportunity to connect with Archangel Raphael. You can also recite, Ya Ropekha Ya Raphael, which means;  O Healer, O Raphael!

We all need healing more than ever at this stage in history.  For healing, make sure you get in touch with Archangel Raphael. To make contact it is necessary for you to develop a vast imagination like a child. It is all about your subconscious mind, heart mind and abdominal mind feeling this experience and manifesting it in your imagination. Due to the ascension that many of the starseeds, messiah seeds, indigo children and crystal children are experiencing, they are getting in contact with many humanoid and non-humanoid beings. We must put it all together and make this work to our advantage. You also can’t allow spirits that you don’t want. to take over your time or body if you are a medium. The way the energy is now, which is very high, I find many types of spiriits from different traditions trying to come through. Even the extraterrestrial non-human entities too, that tend sometimes to be mischievious. If you want healing ,you have to make your intentions clear,  make Archanagel Raphael your main priority and connect with him.