About Archangel Azrael “The Angel of Death”

Azrael is known as Malak Al-Maut or as translated, the Angel of Death in Islamic and Sikh faiths. Azrael means, whom God helps. This name is also utilized in some Hebrew text. Samael is another archangel that is depicted as the angel of death, in Hebrew manuscripts. Samael means the Severity of El. Samael is considered in the Hebrew tradition to be both good and evil and the tempter of Eve in the garden. Some state that Samael impregnated Eve with Cain and was the actual guardian angel for Prophet Isaac’s son Esau. Samael is also considered by folklore sources to have been mated to Lillith after her seperation from Adam. In Jewish mythology Lillith is considered to be the first wife of Adam, that was created at the same time as Adam was created by Yahweh.

In  Islam it is taught that Allah first sent Archangel Gabriel to obtain the mud from earth to create Adam and the earth sought refuge in Allah. Gabriel relented and went back to Allah without the mud. Archangel Michael went next and the same thing happened to him and he didn’t forcibly take the mud either. The angel of death, Archangel Azrael was then sent and was not to be unsuccessful with this task given to him by Allah. When the earth sought refuge in Allah, Azrael still took the mud and successfully brought the loam back to Allah, so the creation of  Adam could take place. This kind of attitude in sterness made Archangel Azrael the best candidate for being the angel of death.images (29)

There are many stories of how fear stricken people are when they are visited by the Angel of Death. My mate was revealed some portend that terrified her and the Angel of  Death was the messenger. This occured during us reading the book of Apocalypse out loud. I was first reciting the book of Apocalypse and when reaching the part where  the end of time came and the wraths would manifest I stopped because I felt the occurence of mass destruction. I understand my power of words and have experienced wraths of natural disaster when enraged previously. My mate decided to continue to read and her tongue was tied to the point where she could not read. I was advising her not to read but she wanted to continue. After this occured the Angel of Death showed her potential mass destruction of the future if man did not get it together and unify. It was so terrible that she begged the Angel of Death Azrael to stop the vision. He was merciful and for her benefit stopped the vision in the awakened state.

I would not advise anyone to call on the Angel of Death because it could cause madness. I will not give any mantra for the Angel of Death at this time. The best action someone can do is live a righteous life and if the Angel of Death comes to you, he will be gentle with the taking of your soul.

People are baffled by the idea of how can so many lives be taken by the Angel of Death. This is due to the fact that he is from light and does not exist within the limited 3rd dimensional matrix. When dealing with the topic of angels, we must know that they function on the highest spiritual and scientific levels beyond our imagination. Angels are that which astrophysicist have not fathomed. Just as your physical body’s image can be duplicated by many mirrors, the angels of high ranking can be in innumerable locations at the same time. Also the archangels have servitors that work with them too. Prophets, saints and adepts have the ability also to be in multiple locations at the same time. These beings have tapped into their angelic DNA which enables them to do various feats not common to humans of the 3rd dimensional matrix.