Marian Apparitions

Mother Mary has appeared to several mystics over the centuries. In fact, Marian apparitions, as they are called, are so popular that even none Christians and/or unbelievers are intrigued.

The main reason why Mother Mary has been appearing so much lately is because she is one of the primary representatives of the divine feminine for4845984-mural-0 this age. She belongs not only to Catholics or Christians, but to all who embrace her as their mother. The self proclaimed “Mother of the Word,” Mother Mary can assist us in attaining the Christ consciousness as the universal mother who gives birth to this consciousness together with the universal father.

Mother Mary appears in different forms to her devotees. Usually, however, she is seen covered in a veil and often wearing white, blue or gold. She also often times appears with the sun around her, near a spring, or near plant life. Though she is popularly depicted as a light skinned or white woman, many devotees have seen her as dark skinned or brown complexioned. In fact, Mother Mary will appear to anyone in any form she wishes as she is Mother to all. As she revealed to me once, she is the color of water.

Popular apparitions include Fatima, Portugal, Garabandal Spain, and Guadalupe, Mexico City. But little is known about our Lady’s appearance in places like Kubeho, Rwanda and Aokpe, Nigeria. These little known apparitions deserve more attention, don’t you think?

Enjoy the following videos from Aokpe, Nigeria.