The Mother Who Beckons, Who Says, I am Here…

I opened my eyes one morning, looked in the direction of my bedroom window and saw the most incredible thing I had ever seen. I saw a face heavily covered by mud… there were no features, except for a set of peculiar eyes not from this world. The head shape was rectangular, with the length longer than the width. As I curiously stared at the figure, she (I knew instinctively she was a she, don’t ask my how) began to reveal her entire figure to me. The head at first had peeked from the lower side of the window, then her neck, then her shoulders then her entire body, then her feet… all covered in mud and sticks and all manner of earthly debris. The most peculiar of the debris were the bones, which stuck out of her heavily mud feet. By the time her entire body was exposed, she was standing over 10 feet tall it seemed and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “Lord have mercy!”… an expression, said in a whisper, in shock  of the apparent non beauty of the image before me. Though the sight was not the prettiest of sights, it was the most powerful, the most felt, the most real thing I had encountered. Of course, after I exclaimed, “Lord have mercy!” she vanished.

Who was she? I knew… It didn’t take meditation or critical thinking to realize it was Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is a very powerful, mysterious, force. We dwell inside her, we fully depend on her yet we understand very little about her. Most of our current civilization seems bent on pillaging her, destroying her basically even though she does not fail to remind us time and again that she is in charge!

In West African Igbo tradition (from which I am a part), Mother Earth, referred to as Ala or Ani, has a space in the belly of the earth where the dead are said to dwell. A realm so mysterious, the ancient Egyptians referred to it as the underworld and wrote several manuals on how to navigate it once you found yourself there. 577678_10150833723048793_732518792_11892668_751448960_n

In Igbo tradition, Mother Earth is highly revered as life giver, law giver, and teacher to life forms. She tends to the flower in the same manner she tends to you and me and she is no respecter of persons. She governs the laws of karma, the laws of cause and effect. In other words, everything we do is recorded by Mother Earth. If you think no one is watching, the land is, Mother Earth is. That is why in Igbo tradition, especially in ancient times, land purification was very important especially in the aftermath of a crime such as murder. They believed that if Mother Earth was not appeased, humans became susceptible to her vengeance.

In both Igbo and Essene tradition (as well as Egypt and many other indigenous cultures), Mother Earth is consort to Father Sky. With so many natural disasters, ecological disasters and so on taking place right now, understanding Mother Earth in an intrinsic level is essential for the survival of the human race. Mother earth is a force, a life breathing force that has the power to destroy and to preserve, to heal and to wound, to kill and to resurrect. It is high time we intimate ourselves with the elements of fire, air, water, and earth as our companions, as our teachers, as our helpers. We have a lot to learn from the plant kingdom. She is indeed a Master teacher. The ancients and those in the know at this moment use plant medicine to gain access to higher realms. When they consume the plant, they plant then teaches them about the mystery of life. Of course, as most of us know, plants can be used to heal a multitude of illnesses and diseases, pertaining to the mind, body and spirit.

The Archangel of the Earth realm is Archangel Ariel. You can evoke her to clear any dense energies you encounter in the environment. Or you can simply evoke her to assist you in developing a deeper appreciation for our earthly mother.


2 comments on “The Mother Who Beckons, Who Says, I am Here…

  1. I am so happy to read this. I honor Mother Earth daily and realize this planet is a gift – not to be taken lightly.

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