What is a Khodam?

images (1)What is a khodam? It may be common for you to hear about angels and djinns, but what about khodams?

A khodam is an evolved being in Islam that is a servitor to the letters of the Arabic language and quranic passages. They are also intrisically connected to the ninety nine attributes of Allah. These beings are pure and righteous and also nothing to play with. Sufi masters have many of them at their service and devout sufis have their connection to them too. This is based on the litanies, salawat and other forms of superogatory worship they participate in.

Each sufi order has their own set of prayer vigils that link you to khodam. The consistency of the worshipper in her duties, which are: purity, ethics, remembrance of Allah in all actions, will draw the worshipper into close proximity with the divine. With certain prescribed practice given by the sufi’s murshid (guide) she is able to ascend to heights of which she is able to beckon and request service from the khodam. Now often sufis do deal with the djinn, which of course has its own rules of engagement. Dealing with djinns is a art of its own and can be quite dangerous and should be left to the masters. The khodam is much safer and moderate in its realm between angels and djinn. Sometimes they are called minor angels. This is a special creation that exist in Islam to benefit those spiritual aspirants that have arrived to the level of certainity and superogatory worship. Khodams also assist those not of the Islamic faith. They are willing to help the righteous.

Under many conditions the spiritual traveler on the sufi path will participate in late night prayer vigils that will allow one to hear, smell, see or even talk to the khodam. This process varies and special incense is burned and to be most effective in this ritual often the worshipper will be in a cloister in seclusion for a certain amount of time. For the more knowledgeable shaykhs this time may be extended to many years. Through the rituals done and restricted dietary habits one will become linked to the khodam and miracles will often occur. Lost treasures are found and one may even connect to their true love of this life. The possibilities are unlimited. The main point is that the sufi must not give up. Being courageous and properly prepped by ones murshid is also important. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Often there are taboos in certain retreats. The most common is the cessation of meat and any animal by products what so ever. Also, no onions or garlic. The food that is eaten during retreats is miniscule and often bland. This includes fasting during day light hours from food and liquids and breaking your fast with a simple meal, during sunset.

Also what is important is the mathematics, astronomy, astrology, gematria and geomancy utilized. These are all key elements and will affect the efficacy of the retreat to link with the khodam for their service. The main point is to follow all the rules of the retreat and to not quit.

Khodams wear robes and can be inticingly beautifully seductive to one with base desires. They don’t have protuberances on their heads like djinn. It is important to maintain equipose during visual encounters of khodam. Do not get emotionally attached and be clear in speech and hold your ground. All of the pointers that you need to know about certain khodam will be dictated to you by a true shaykh. When it comes to flyiing in the air and levitating objects, the khodam is the way to go. This is a very in depth form of study and once again it truly requires a master teacher.

Often a method is used in sufism known as an empowerment. This is done in various ways. Sometimes you will injest prayers, herbs or holy water infused with the essence necessary to initiate the communication with the khodam. You may also be given a signet ring or crystal gemstone inscribed with a secret in codefied angelic script. Along with some mantra or prayers and this will connect you with the khodam.

Some khodam are so advanced that they can’t be commanded by you and you can only make request of them. Through the khodam empowerment you can obtain invulnerability to projectiles, which includes knives, bullets and punches to the body. Often through the sufi art of Javanese mystics tenaga dalam, you can do the distant punch of prophet Moses and control your opponent’s body through the power of the khodam. Sometimes people who have unusual abilities have acquired them through their khodam. Many times wrestlers and athletes of various sports wear talisman that empower them to have extraordinary abilities. For anyone on the spiritual path harnessing one’s power with the assistance of a khodam is a necessity and an ally in your life.