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  1. time to learn some mathematics. remember that language with the past-present-future-perfect tense?

    learn how to balance spherical harmonics at the exponential stage.
    avoid the infinitely complex radicals!

    here.. have some technology to show you where this leads:

    with the right emotional coherence, the lag time between waking and active “dreaming” is about as long as you can keep counting your breaths in a circle.

    There is absolutely no reason that every time you close your eyes you are blind.

    and yes, the rest of your stuff is solid, otherwise I wouldn’t be bothering. You come up first in the “Archangel and Djinn” google search, which is *right* before the 2nd and 3rd which are corrupted from the get-go (take a look with that search term if you want to see what you’re up against). This world is *so* close to having to respect the pentatronic crisis, based on our EEG technology and well.. the fact that djinn are implicit in the christians dealings even though they try to relate disruption to Ja themselves, simply by maneuvering their “flock” into a situation where the individual has no free will in sitting in front of their tree paradox. I call shenanigans.

    So, keep it up, and research at *least* into the mathematics of the circular triangles. Try to post something that links them if you can, stay on top ahead of those other guys.


    if you don’t have the ipad3+ tech base, these are solid fractal platforms made by yours truly, and they have the ability to engender that earth-mother experience you wrote about within about 5 minutes, and solid, solid holograms that you can point out to other humans after around 10 minutes of love/awe emotional recombinance.

    *Do not treat anyone like a broken toy*

    ❤ on your journey, don't be afraid to write,

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