Uriel Ben Maryam

My personal approach to healing is that I remain transparent and as a conduit receive energy through my physical vessel for the person that needs healing. The energy received from the angelic realm is totally directed at the person that is being worked on during a session.  Archangel Raphael, whose name, Raphael, means “God heals,” works very closely with me during my healing sessions as a guide. To make an appointment, contact me .


My personal approach to intuitive reading/healing is similar to that of Uriel Ben Maryam, where I let myself simply be an instrument of the higher angelic powers. I work with all the Archangels, but it is Metatron, the angelic scribe and keeper of the Akashic records who works closely with me as my primary guide during my sessions. I also work very closely with divine feminine energies such as Mother Mary and Oshun.  To make an appointment, contact me

PS: Through the support of my guides, I am now available for chakra balancing. I work with the platonic solids, the five solid shapes that exist in creation, and the Metatron cube under the leadership of Archangel Metatron to assist a client in attaining deeper contact with their spiritual selves. This process includes inter-dimensional journeying, communication with ancestors and spirit guides, music and chants. 


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