Archangel Raphael on Christhood & Healing

Ya Raphael!

Archangel Raphael appears with a green bush behind him, stating that we need to take herbs. That it will be beneficial to our overall health, will aid with digestion and circulation and blood pressure. And to add probiotics to our diet. We should eat more greens  as well, spinach, collard greens, kale, cabbage, romaine lettuce, etc. Archangel Raphael will aid with prescribing herbs to people.

He said being a master healer means also having mastery over the five elements and the way to do so is to work with them, pay attention to what they say, be around the elements, be in nature. The elements will teach us through nature. The elementals will speak to us: the salamanders of the fire element, the sylphs of the air element, the undines of the water element and the gnomes and elves of the earth element, and the genies and the divas and the angels of the etheric element. This is also part of the Christic initiation.

Follow the shepherd’s way, says Archangel Raphael. Follow the way of love. All great prophets were shepherds. Follow the shepherd’s way in healing as shepherds are also herbalists, warriors, and stayed constantly with God while with their flock through meditation, self reflection, observance of nature and the stars and so on. Some were also astrologers and would communicate with the starry sky.


Psalm 23 is a multi beneficial prayer. It can be used for protection, knowledge and healing. It is the most known prayer of the Bible. People who don’t know Bible verses at least know this one, according to Archangel Raphael. And when you say this psalm, you pray as the prophets before you prayed.

Christ was a master healer and worked with the angels and the elements. When we master the five elements within and without, raising the dead is nothing. The five elements within have positive and negative elements. For example, the negative aspect of the water element is fear. The negative aspect of the earth element is melancholy. The negative aspect of the fire element is anger. The negative aspect of the air element is confusion. So to overcome the negative aspects of those elements, you must learn them in their constructive aspects. The positive aspect of fire is creativity. The positive  aspect of the water element is courage. The positive aspect of the earth element is happiness. So when we develop the five elements, we create harmony within your being and those that come in your proximity can actually experience bliss because of this harmonization. That is when we become a universe within ourselves and can dispel illusion within ourselves because the elements are balanced within us. We cannot  become attuned to God until the five elements are attuned within us. Healing is about balancing the elements within ourselves.

Love is the key to healing. When you have love you are the Christ. The cross represents the four elements of earth while the etheric principle is of heaven. The etheric principle is what gives life to the elements of earth. The Christ consciousness is love and power and the Buddic consciousness is love and wisdom. Christ focuses on the heart and Buddha on the mind. They are one.

It is good to have both consciousness within one’s self. Love is power. Truthfully, if we have love we also have access to wisdom and power. But if we have wisdom and power without love, it is in vain. In the tree of life, love is the base of the tree, the main trunk.

By Uriel Ben Maryam & Ada Shakti

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