Staying in The Vortex

images (1)The vortex is a place we create through our heart center. This concept is based on divine love service, which is bhakti. Bhakti is loving service to humanity and is practiced by people who are charitable and help orphans and homeless people. The smallest gesture of kindness can spark the vortex. Taking the time to give someone directions on how to get to their destination or the time is a small example of what you can do to build good karmic points, which will feed into your vortex. This will impact the person you bestow this energetic gift to. This can pull them into the unified field of the vortex. Don’t be attached to your good deeds just do it. This is an important point to stay in the vortex. Do good for goods sake, not to feed the ego.

Now if you have done sports or entertainment, remember the feeling you had when you had a high scoring game or you received a standing ovation. It is all about feeling. Remember the feeling you had when you gave your daughter her first doll. Remember how it felt when you helped the old woman with her groceries. Remember how it felt when you saw the smiles on the face of the homeless people when you gave them food. This is a feeling in your heart that you can feel all over your body.

To stay in the vortex you have to maintain an ecstatic feeling. It is similar to a mild orgasm and a good feeling about life. Many Buddhist monks obtain this feeling when they meditate after many years. This can occur when the practitioner maintains awareness and is conscious of the vortex at all times. This is a learned behavior and practice makes perfect.

Qigong has been helpful for me because essentially it helps you source your power. When you practice on a regular basis it allows you to become invigorated and strong. When you wake up in the middle of the night you will be alert instead of stumbling. You will be upright in your posture and feel the tai chi pole inside your body like a tube of light. The practice of qigong inculcates many abilities when practiced daily. Qigong can increase ones intelligence also. You can reach a point when you can see what is not seen, hear what is not heard, feel what is not felt and know what is not known. These are some of the gifts that proper qigong practice can cultivate.

The vortex also has responsibility. When you are able to maintain the vortex you will have an unusual effect on people, places and things. You must have good intentions and be mindful of others. People may swoon and pass out due to the strong streams of energy. Their emotions may become erratic because this is something they are experiencing that is new to them. You must pay close attention to people and especially take notes when you get into maintaining the vortex consciousness. Based on your control of the elements fire, water, air, earth and akasha (ether) you will become adept on bending the various elements as demonstrated by the popular cartoon series called Avatar. This is a lifetime learning experience and you learn as you go. As you travel and meet people you will acknowledge their mental disposition and know what is necessary for you to do in order to be effective with them, different strokes for different folks.

As you practice staying in the vortex you will learn that after time your sub-conscious mind will cause things to happen in a remote fashion, to the extent of you having profound influence over people in distant places. This has something to do with the ability to do remote viewing. There are techniques for these  abilities to be cultivated. Also when you do certain meditation or mantras this ability will naturally unfold over time. The main thing is you can’t give up. As long as you feed your body, spirit and mind with the right frequency you will progress and reach your goal. Everything you do contributes to this, you must know yourself. Look at yourself as a laboratory. You have to pay close attention to how you feel. When you eat certain foods, when you are in the presence of certain people, when you are in certain environments and geographical locations, how do you feel? This is awareness and through this mental state you will be able to pay attention to the variation of emotional states that are caused by the things you do. Overtime you will be able to maintain an even flow of positive energy and make the best out of every situation. There are many tools that you can use to support you in this task, a great example is talisman. This is a  topic and quite a deep one of which I will elucidate on  in the near future. Meanwhile, please consider staying in the vortex and you will never regret it.